Solitude Creek Deaver Jeffery

Solitude Creek Deaver Jeffery


Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках. But Dance is a highly trained expert in body language: her most deadly weapon is her instinct, and they cant take that away from her. Someone out there is using the panic of crowds to kill, and Dance must find out who, before he strikes again. One mistake is all it takes. And when the evidence at the club points to something more than a tragic accident, she isnt going to let protocol stop her doing everything in her power to take down the perp. The fourth electrifying thriller in the Kathryn Dance series from master of suspense Jeffery Deaver. Busted back to rookie after losing her gun in an interrogation gone bad, California Bureau of Investigation Agent Kathryn Dance finds herself making routine insurance checks after a roadhouse fire.

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  1. Интересно, что я должен буду делать. Я всегда считал, что власти должны либо строить вольер на свои деньги (выполняя давно обещанное), либо передать Машу в другое место с более приемлемыми условиями.

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