Of Mice and Men Steinbeck John

Of Mice and Men Steinbeck John


Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках. Oh, shes really pretty, he said and smiled. Things are going well until they meet the unhappy wife of Curley, the farm foreman. Ive see dangerous women before, but nobody as dangerous as her.The tragic story of George and Lennie, who move from one farm to another, looking for work. I dont care what she says and what she does. George is clever but Lennies size and slowness is always getting him into trouble. George turned round to face him, took hold of one of his ears and shook him.Listen to me, you fool, George said fiercely. Dont even look at that woman. One day the two men get a job on a farm. Curleys wife becomes friendly with Lennie...Retold by Martin Winks. Lennie was still staring at the door where the woman had stood.

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